Master Velocity-Based Training with Chris Tombs.
9 Episodes you won't want to miss!

In this mini-course,Chris Tombs will take you through techniques to elevate your coaching and use Velocity-Based Training to your advantage. Learn how to master load velocity profiling and data-driven strategies to optimize training and enhance athlete performance. Uncover the secrets to precise programming and safe, effective coaching. Each episode will be sent directly to your email inbox!

  • Episode 1: Why use VBT? The Benefits of Velocity Based Training
  • Episode 2: Using VBT for Basic Readiness Assessments: Jump Squat
  • Episode 3: Guide to Load Velocity Profiling
  • Episode 4: What Is P-MAX?
  • Episode 5: Using Indicator Sets To Gauge Readiness
  • Episode 6: Velocity Loss Thresholds
  • Episode 7: Using VBT To Prescribe Load & Drive Intent
  • Episode 8: Gamification in Velocity-Based Training
  • Episode 9: Auto Load-Velocity Profiling with Output