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Velocity Based-Training
Why Do We Care About Velocity?
Velocity Based-Training
What is Velocity-Based Training?
Velocity Based-Training
VBT in Hypertrophy
Velocity Based-Training
Sex Differences in VBT
Velocity Based-Training
Using VBT as a Tool for Auto-regulation
Velocity Based-Training
Auto-regulate Training with Velocity Loss
Velocity Based-Training
Velocity Zones Cheat Sheet
Velocity Based-Training
Individualised Load-Velocity Profiles
Velocity Based-Training
VBT vs. Percentage-based Training
Velocity Based-Training
Introduction to Velocity-Based Training
An applied guide to optimising VBT in your Performance Facility
Developing Speed Strength for Sports Performance Workshop

In this workshop, Stéphane Cazeault, founder of KILO, will provide practitioners with an overview of how to develop speed-strength for sports performance.


  • The Role of Maximal Strength in Speed-Strength Development
  • Understanding the Force-Velocity and Force-Time Curve
  • Developing Speed-Strength
  • Assessment and Implementation of Speed-Strength
Velocity Based Training Workshop with Chris Tombs

Gain comprehensive insights into Velocity-Based Training with expert guidance from Chris Tombs.

Using VBT in a High School Environment with Nick Garcia

Elevate your high school training program. Discover how Velocity-Based Training can enhance your athletes' performance.

Steady-State Loading Workshop with Derek Evely

Dive into The Bondarchuk Method and learn the value of Steady-State Loading.

VBT Roundtable with Chris Tombs & Steve Thompson

Take a deeper dive into the practical applications of VBT and acute decision-making. Understand fatigue management and appropriate daily programming modifications.

Driving Athletic Competition and Intent with Velocity
Using Velocity to Auto-regulate Training
Velocity-Based Training in Practice
What is Velocity-Based Training?
With a PhD in Sports Science and extensive experience in testing and training, Dr. Baker, utilizes his scientific knowledge and practical expertise to teach you all about Velocity-Based Training.
Understanding Normative Velocity Scores
VBT Mini-Course with Chris Tombs
In this mini-course, Chris Tombs will take you through techniques to elevate your coaching and use Velocity-Based Training to your advantage. Learn how to master load velocity profiling and data-driven strategies to optimize training and enhance athlete performance.