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Upcoming Webinar:
Speed-Strength Workshop with Stéphane Cazeault
With a wealth of experience training MLB, NFL and NHL athletes, Stéphane excels at strength training performance optimization. His meticulous data tracking over his career has enabled him to refine his systems for maximum results. He now dedicates his time to educating strength coaches, providing optimized strategies for enhanced program design and periodization.

Previous Webinars

Developing Speed Strength for Sports Performance Workshop

In this workshop, Stéphane Cazeault, founder of KILO, will provide practitioners with an overview of how to develop speed-strength for sports performance.


  • The Role of Maximal Strength in Speed-Strength Development
  • Understanding the Force-Velocity and Force-Time Curve
  • Developing Speed-Strength
  • Assessment and Implementation of Speed-Strength
Optimizing High School Weight Room Flow

In this workshop, Kyle Jacksic and Missy Mitchell-McBeth will provide coaches with an overview of how to optimize your high school weight room flow, including how to efficiently train, test and manage large numbers of student-athletes. 


  • Developing consistency in session structures through varying phases
  • Enhancing individualisation in high school athlete training
  • Peer-to-peer coaching to enhance weight room flow
  • Tips and tricks to achieve faster testing with Output
  • Achieving coach and athlete freedom through performance technology
  • Promoting self-efficacy in athletic training and testing
ACL Rehab Workshop

Alan Murdoch, founder of Elevate Speed & Rehab, provides an overview of how to elevate your rehab philosophies using data-driven decisions to create an ACL roadmap.


  • The Elevate Rehab Philosophy
  • Understanding the ACL Rehab Process (Phases and Objective Measures)
  • Implementing a Speed-Based Approach
  • Testing What Matters: How Output Can Help Guide Decision-Making
The Comprehensive Guide to Medicine Ball Training

This workshop provides practitioners with a clear and logical progression framework to make Medicine Ball Training simple and effective to apply in practice.

Jumps Development Workshop

‍In this workshop, Ben Simons provides practitioners with an overview of using testing, profiling and programming to improve vertical jumps.

Using VBT in a High School Environment with Nick Garcia

Elevate your high school training program. Discover how Velocity-Based Training can enhance your athletes' performance.

Steady-State Loading Workshop with Derek Evely

Dive into The Bondarchuk Method and learn the value of Steady-State Loading.

VBT Roundtable with Chris Tombs & Steve Thompson

Take a deeper dive into the practical applications of VBT and acute decision-making. Understand fatigue management and appropriate daily programming modifications.

Velocity Based Training Workshop with Chris Tombs

Gain comprehensive insights into Velocity-Based Training with expert guidance from Chris Tombs.

Athlete Monitoring & Testing in GAA with Dr. Mikey Kiely

Learn about practices Mikey used to monitor and assess performance in the Limerick Senior Hurling team during the 2020 season (National League, Munster & All Ireland Hurling Champions).

Sports Science Data Collection with Jo Clubb & Adam Byrne

Listen to Jo Clubb, expert Sports Scientist, and Adam Byrne, former professional Leinster and Ireland rugby player as they discuss sports science data collection from a sports scientist and athlete perspective.

The Objective Physio with Prof. Brian Caulfield

Learn the importance of objective measurement in Physio and highlights opportunities for incorporating tech enabled measurement into practice.

Preparing the Individual for the Game (GAA) with Peter Hughes

To give insight into athletic development in the GAA, Athletic Development Coach, Peter Hughes, discusses how to prepare individuals for the game and make informed decisions.

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