Rapidly inform key decisions in long-term athletic development.

Fitter, Faster and
Stronger Athletes

Simple to use
One Click Reporting
Screen 30x Faster
Barbell Velocity Measurement
Affordable elite-level performance analysis 

Test and report up to 30X faster with the ultimate training companion - a sports science lab in your pocket. 

Save on expensive legacy technology

Save $20,000+ on purchasing multiple pieces of expensive equipment. With our high-school education discount we offer even further savings. 


Say goodbye to managing data from multiple systems and manual data entry.  Spend more time coaching.  One-click athlete  insights and branded reports.


Get the same data as force decks, linear position transducers and other tech. No bulky equipment, no wires or need for WIFI and you’re not confined to a rack.

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No More guesswork

Our easy to use platform provides valid, reliable and objective data to help assess and optimize long term athletic development.

Rapid insights into your athlete's performance 

Visualize trends and benchmark against historical data and PBs at the click of a button. 

Understand your athletes

Profile your athletes, train for specific adaptations, and compare their performance.  

Know when to go and when to slow

Readiness testing anytime, anywhere. Stop athletes peaking at the wrong times and being fatigued when it matters most.

Create Athlete and Parent Buy-In

Stay ahead of the competition. Show the value of your programme.

Engage your athletes 

Motivate athletes and drive competition in the weight-room or at home. Optimize each session with instant individual feedback.

Eliminate the lack of intent leading to lack of progression

Drive exercise intent and goal-setting. With various features including our simple workout builder, and live leaderboards.

Reports for parents and faculty 

Demonstrate the value and success of your programme with detailed athletic development reports. 

No set up required.
Simply switch it on and go.

1.Choose Athlete
2.Select Exercise
3. Analyze
“Output is my go-to solution for strength, power, and movement analysis. The main benefits of this integrated system are the ease of use, the data & reporting capabilities, and the many measurement options it provides. Most importantly, the customer service is second to none”

Nick Garcia

Head Athletic Development Coach, Notre Dame High School 

“The intro of Output has meant players care more about technique and stops young athletes lifting heavy weights and risking injury.”

Ryan Corcoran

Head S&C Coach, C.B.C Monkstown

"Output has completely simplified our processes. Instead of having multiple devices and systems to manage, there is one universal program that affects our athletes and all the personnel they are connected to, paving the way for a professional feel at the high school level".

Kyle Jacksic

Director of Strength & Conditioning, Ardrey Kell HS & NHSSCA North Carolina State Director

Trusted By strength coaches & physcial therapists  
"Using their innovative technology, Output Sports enables athletes, clients, and coaches to work in unison and measure what counts in the gym and on the field.”

Spencer tatum, Performance Coach to Jon Rahm, Masters Champion

"We’ve had great success in using the systems to gamify our S&C sessions using the leaderboard function which has increased the intensity we’re getting from sessions".

Ben Rosenblatt & Steve Kemp, England FA

Output Sports has provided us with an incredible user-friendly system that integrates every aspect of our training and management in the weight room, including program design, velocity-based training, and data analysis.

Stephen Englehart, Director of S&C, University of Colorado

Output is my go-to solution for strength, power, and movement analysis. The main benefits of this integrated system are the ease of use, the data & reporting capabilities, and the many measurement options it provides.”

nick garcia, Head Athletic Development Coach, Notre Dame High School

"With load-velocity profiles being automatically generated from the data that you capture, it's superb for coaches who are time poor - plug and play in 60 seconds!”

Chris Tombs, VBT & Performance Specialist, SW7

“We use Output for RSI & CMJ testing, it’s simple and such an easy way to grab these metrics on the field. It has changed the game for us!”

Les Spellman, Speed Coach to NFL players


Gain Expert Insight and Elevate Your Coaching Game with our Comprehensive Guide to Athlete Growth and Maturation.

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common questions for high schools

Here are some answers to questions we commonly get about our High School package. If you're still unsure about anything, contact one of our High School Performance Specialists today.
Is the system valid and reliable?

Yes. Unlike other IMU based systems, OUTPUT has been developed over 10 years of scientific research using gold-standard biomechanical lab equipment to test and train our algorithms. This means all our modules have strong validity, reliability and accuracy. More details on our research and accuracy can be seen on our validation page.

Is there a minimum number of devices I need to buy?

No! You can have as many or as few OUTPUT units as makes sense for your team or facility. For optimum flow and speed, somewhere between 1-5 athletes per sensor achieves great results. You can scale OUTPUT economically to suit your needs. You can always add more sensors to your package as your needs grow.

Does the device come with a warranty?

Yes. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault with the sensor, we offer an extended 2-year warranty on all our hardware.

How many sensors are recommended for team-based training environments?

You can have as many or as few OUTPUT units as makes sense for your team or facility. For optimum flow and speed, somewhere between 1-5 athletes per sensor achieves great results. Many teams use one sensor per athlete to capture and record data away from the training facilities.

Is there an athlete app?

Yes. Both coaches and athletes can download our OUTPUT Capture App. Athletes can record and get instant feedback on exercises, access their own data, any workouts or flows you prescribe to them, and chart their entire history from the app. Athlete level access is available on the Essentials Plan and up.

How many athletes can use the device at a time?

There isn’t a cap on athletes using a singular device, though to store data longitudinally on an individual athlete level you will need the appropriate number of athlete licenses. We offer some great value packages to suit your needs, no matter your size.

I want to measure more than just VBT. Do I need to buy other equipment?

No. OUTPUT is designed to be the only performance measurement tool you’ll need. We measure a range of over 200 exercises spanning power, jumps, movement and many more. See our product page for details on what we measure.

Do I get technical support?

Yes, we provide excellent support from qualified sports scientists for all our packages. The level of support you get depends on your package. Please see the Get Started page for more details. You can always check out our Knowlege Base to answer any questions you may have.

Can I categorize my athletes and clients into groups?

Yes, on Standard Plans and above with our online Performance Management System (‘The Hub’), you have the ability to add teams and groups and categorize athletes into them according to whatever makes the most sense for your team or facility. Teams can also be subcategorized into groups, or groups can be standalone within your organization.

Can I measure an exercise if it’s not available by default?

Yes. For sensor-based measurements, there are free modes in every category to record custom exercises. Within workouts, you can create custom exercises to log sets and reps for non-sensor-based measurements.