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Trusted By strength coaches & physcial therapists  
"Using their innovative technology, Output Sports enables athletes, clients, and coaches to work in unison and measure what counts in the gym and on the field.”

Spencer tatum, Performance Coach to Jon Rahm, Masters Champion

"We’ve had great success in using the systems to gamify our S&C sessions using the leaderboard function which has increased the intensity we’re getting from sessions".

Ben Rosenblatt & Steve Kemp, England FA

Output Sports has provided us with an incredible user-friendly system that integrates every aspect of our training and management in the weight room, including program design, velocity-based training, and data analysis.

Stephen Englehart, Director of S&C, University of Colorado

Output is my go-to solution for strength, power, and movement analysis. The main benefits of this integrated system are the ease of use, the data & reporting capabilities, and the many measurement options it provides.”

nick garcia, Head Athletic Development Coach, Notre Dame High School

"With load-velocity profiles being automatically generated from the data that you capture, it's superb for coaches who are time poor - plug and play in 60 seconds!”

Chris Tombs, VBT & Performance Specialist, SW7

“We use Output for RSI & CMJ testing, it’s simple and such an easy way to grab these metrics on the field. It has changed the game for us!”

Les Spellman, Speed Coach to NFL players