Preparing the Individual for the Game (GAA)

Gain insights into athletic development in the GAA with Peter Hughes. Learn how to prepare individuals for the game and make informed athletic development decisions.


  • The importance of athletic development and identifying your KPI’s
  • Preseason testing and creating individualised programs
  • How to measure and track your KPI’s throughout the season
  • Analysing whether you’re making meaningful changes
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About the Speaker

Peter Hughes
Athletic Development Coach with Ulster Rugby

Peter is currently an Athletic Development Coach with Ulster rugby having previously spent time with Derry GAA as Head of Athletic Development. He has over 10 years’ experience as a physiotherapist and S&C coach with a keen interest in coordinative elements of movement and associated movement efficiency. Peter spent 3 years working with UAE rugby federation and gained excellent learning opportunities with Flying Fijians rugby and AFL team Port Adelaide. In his daily practice he aims to merge the art and science of coaching through accurate monitoring and relationship building which he feels enables more informed decision making and problem-solving solutions, providing a better environment for individuals to flourish.