Sports Science Data Collection

Join sports scientist Jo Clubb and former rugby pro Adam Byrne as they discuss sports science data collection from both scientific and athlete perspectives.


  • The value of data collection against its impact on athletes.
  • Considering the time commitment for sports scientists in planning, analysis, discussion, review, and execution.
  • Data collection processes and athlete communication.
  • Athletic performance tracking and communication with coaches.
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About the Speaker

Jo Clubb
Expert Sports Scientist

Jo has an extensive background in applied sport science with a focus on athlete management systems, training load monitoring, and physical profiling. She has worked as an Applied Sports Scientist in the Premier League, NFL, and NHL, collaborating with sports medicine professionals, strength and conditioning coaches, sports psychology, and sports nutrition practitioners.

Adam Byrne
Former Professional Rugby Player

Adam Byrne is a former Irish rugby union player, who played for Leinster Rugby and Connacht Rugby. Adam is now a Commercial Manager with Output Sports.