The Importance of Strategy in your Data Collection

Discover the essential strategies for effective data collection in coaching. Dan Howells, Founder of Collaborate Sports, shares frameworks to enhance performance planning and data use.


  • Understand the importance of processes to ensure your data is usable.
  • Enhance your appreciation of understanding what to use, when to use it, and how it fits your overall strategy and vision.
  • Integrating insights in a way that helps you evolve your performance solutions.
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About the Speaker

Dan Howells
Founder of Collaborate Sports

Dan is a high-performance coach, with a career spanning over 15 years of work in elite sport, both in the UK and the USA. Dan is a certified Strength & Conditioning coach with the UKSCA and NSCA, and has worked with Olympic and Paralympic Programmes, The US and GB Ski Teams, The English Institute of Sport, Wasps Rugby Club England/Team GB 7s and the Houston Astros MLB Club As well as focusing on creating impact and success within performance sport organisations, Dan is passionate about creating real-world learning opportunities for developing coaches and practitioners. Coaching coaches is something he is heavily invested in and as a result founded Collaborate Sports. Dan has created personal development and mentorship programmes for practitioners that are focused on interaction with other practitioners and immersive discussion.