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Small Sensor.
Big Results.

30x faster profiling
2-year warranty
1 hr to full charge


Velocity based training. Quantified weight-training: velocity, force, power, work and more.
  • Barbell (Compound, Jumps and Olympic lifts)

  • Trap-bar (Compound and Jumps)

  • Dumbbell Movements


Quantification of an athlete’s slow stretch-shortening cycle and (double and single-leg) jumping ability.
  • Countermovement Jumps

  • Repeated CMJs

  • Squat jumps


Quantification of an athlete’s fast stretch-shortening (double and single-leg) cycle with reactive-strength index.
  • Drop-jump variations

  • Repeated jump variations (e.g. 10-5 Test)


Range of motion assessments (frontal, sagittal and transverse planes) across key joints from the ankle up to the neck.
  • Ankle

  • Knee

  • Hip

  • Torso

  • Shoulder

  • Neck

Slams, Swings &Throws

Quantifying velocity, power and acceleration in slams, swings and throwing movements.
  • Medicine-balls

  • Kettlebells

  • Landmine-throws

  • Slosh-bags


Quantify key kinematic measures in travelling jumps and sprinting.
  • Hopping variations

  • Bounding variations

  • Pogo variations

  • Sprinting and sprint drills


Kinematics of nordic hamstring curls including angle of failure and rep duration.


    Quantification of eyes-open and eyes-closed postural control in static balance tasks.
    • Dual stance

    • Single leg stance

    • Tandem stance


    Quantification of centre of mass stability in static exercises.
    • Plank variations

    • Bridge variations

    • Handstands

    • Climbing

    • Free mode

    Strength Pathway

    Quantifying reps as passed or failed in rep-max strength testing based on target range of motion.
    • Upper limb compound lifts

    • Lower limb compound lifts

    • Unilateral exercises (Single leg squat and split squat)

    • Machine based exercises (e.g. leg press, hamstring curl)

    Strength Endurance

    Quantifying reps as passed or failed based on target range of motion in max-rep bodyweight exercises.
    • Calf-pump variations

    • Bodyweight squats

    • Row and pull-up variations

    • Push-up variations


    Day to day self-reported wellness information from your athletes.
    • Physical wellbeing

    • Psychological wellbeing

    • Perceived readiness to train

    • Sleep Quality

    features & use cases

    Velocity Based Training

    OUTPUT brings unrivalled portability and flexibility to VBT. No cameras. No wires. No worries. Set up and go in under 60 seconds. With market leading validation, and 10+ years of research, it’s data you can rely on. 

    Velocity targets & dropoffs

    Set min/max velocity targets and % drop-off and quantify each rep with easy to understand audio and visual cues to guide your athletes.

    Instant load velocity profiling 

    Instantly create load-velocity and power-load profiles with the click of a button. No more spreadsheets and manual data entry, leaving you more time to coach.

    Portability to match your flow

    Our portable system means you’re not tied to a rack or even to the weight room. Assess VBT across a range of exercises including slams, swings and throws. 

    get the output advantage

    Drive Intent and create buy-in across plyometrics, SST, and mobility. Whether it’s rotational power, contact times in sprinting and hopping, we quantify key aspects of training that others can’t.

    Intent Across The Force-Velocity Spectrum

    With real time feedback and full screen leaderboards– motivate your athletes, create competition in the weight room and drive intent for maximum gains.

    A Data Informed Weight Room

    Live mode acts as the newsfeed for your weight room showing all activity as it happens. Automatic Personal Record and 1RM notifications drive standards. 

    Quantify performance . Anywhere.

    Test and profile your athletes, whether they are pitchside or on the road. OUTPUT allows unlimited exercises feed simultaneously in the system, no matter the location.

    Measure what others cant

    Improved Decision Making

    OUTPUT gives you a 360 degree view of your athletes and is a valid and reliable support tool for critical decision making. Instantly get high-value data across a range of metrics to make better decisions. 

    Athlete Testing & Profiling

    Assess and monitor key physical tests regularly to ensure athletes are improving and identify weaknesses. Compare daily to historical performance, and stay on track.

    Readiness and recovery

    Access readiness and recovery to avoid overtraining and minimize injury risk. Automated readiness dashboards allow you to quickly access which athletes need attention.

    Analysis, charting and reporting

    Instantly visualise key trends and compare set V set and athlete V athlete. Share key KPIs with athletes, coaches and stakeholders with one-click dynamic reporting.

    Improve your decision making

    Data driven programming

    Prescribe custom workouts, readiness and testing flows to your athletes who can log in on their personal app. Integrate via API into your favorite programming tools.

    Testing & Profiling Batteries

    Create tailored testing and profiling flows to suit your needs. Include custom instructions on a workout and exercise level to guide your athletes.

    Custom Workouts For Your Sport

    Create and track custom workouts across a range of 200+ exercises or add in your own custom exercises. Prescribe the desired sets, reps and weights or velocity measures.

    Assign personalised workouts to athletes and groups

    Use 1RMs and velocity drop-offs for personalized workouts. Send them to your athletes app; simple and easy to use for athletes of any level.

    Data informed programming

    your 360° solution

    Track and report on long term athletic development. Objectively benchmark against baseline rehabilitation markers to assess return to play and injury rehabilitation.

    Long Term Athletic Development

    Longitudinally track and report on key objective markers of athletic development, alongside height and weight all in one system.

    Return to Play and Injury Rehabilitation

    Perform a full body assessment with a single sensor. Objectively benchmark against baseline rehabilitation markers to assess return to play and injury rehabilitation.

    instant dynamic Progress Reporting

    Instantly send custom printable branded reports to athletes, coaches, parents and other key stakeholders at the click of a button.

    Measure what others cantImprove your decision makingData informed programming

    No set up required.
    Simply switch it on and go.

    1.Choose Athlete
    2.Select Exercise
    3. Analyze
    measures that matter

    Develop your athletes across a range of measures that matter for their sport.

    Velocity Based Training

    Use velocity to programme with precision. Autoregulate to maximise adaptation and reduce fatigue.

    speed development

    VBT for strength, mobility to avoid any limiting factors, jumping, RSI, contact and air times module, speed-strength with med-balls.

    rotational power

    Improve rotation power and strength with our mobility, slams, swings and throws and stability assessments.

    insights & analysis

    Track performance and progress over time with our cloud-based system.

    individual & group level analysis

    Dive deeper into athlete trends with a variety of data visualization options available at the click of a button.

    Effortless Reporting

    Create your athlete and group report templates and then generate take-home reports for your athletes and teams in one click.

    Easy Data Management

    Download and export exactly the data you want. Use our API to integrate into your data management platform. We integrate with TeambuildR, Movella and Kinduct.

    30X Faster Testing. Anywhere.

    OUTPUT seamlessly fits into your weight room and testing flow. Use it on any rack, take it outdoors, take it on the road. No wires. No WiFi. No Worries.

    Works offline. No need for WiFI

    Collect exercise data even if you are offline. The next time you’re connected it will get uploaded to the cloud. iOS and Android compatible mobile app.

    Scales economically to meet your needs 

    Be it a single rack or 50 racks you can economically scale to any sized weight room. Simultaneously feed in data from multiple devices for unparalleled speed of testing.

    Optimize your weight room flow

    Empower your athletes to take ownership of daily testing with a simple to use interface. Assign custom groups to speed up analysis and focus on making gains.

    Trusted By strength coaches & physcial therapists  
    "Using their innovative technology, Output Sports enables athletes, clients, and coaches to work in unison and measure what counts in the gym and on the field.”

    Spencer tatum, Performance Coach to Jon Rahm, Masters Champion

    "We’ve had great success in using the systems to gamify our S&C sessions using the leaderboard function which has increased the intensity we’re getting from sessions".

    Ben Rosenblatt & Steve Kemp, England FA

    Output Sports has provided us with an incredible user-friendly system that integrates every aspect of our training and management in the weight room, including program design, velocity-based training, and data analysis.

    Stephen Englehart, Director of S&C, University of Colorado

    Output is my go-to solution for strength, power, and movement analysis. The main benefits of this integrated system are the ease of use, the data & reporting capabilities, and the many measurement options it provides.”

    nick garcia, Head Athletic Development Coach, Notre Dame High School

    "With load-velocity profiles being automatically generated from the data that you capture, it's superb for coaches who are time poor - plug and play in 60 seconds!”

    Chris Tombs, VBT & Performance Specialist, SW7

    “We use Output for RSI & CMJ testing, it’s simple and such an easy way to grab these metrics on the field. It has changed the game for us!”

    Les Spellman, Speed Coach to NFL players

    Output Sensor Specs

    • Dimensions: 50 X 50 X 15 mm
    • Mass: 21 g
    • Sampling Frequencies: 100 - 1000 Hz
    • Accelerometer: +/- 2g-16g, 16 Bit
    • Magnetometer: +/- 1300 Μt (X,y axis), +/- 2500 μT (z axis)
    • Bluetooth: 5.2
    • Battery Life: >24 hours
    • Battery Charging: USB-C <1 hour empty to full
    • Gyroscope: +/- 125 - 2000 dps, 16 Bit

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    OUTPUT Capture Mobile App: IOS / Android Compatible
    OUTPUT Hub Performance Management Platform
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    got any questions on our product?

    If you're new to OUTPUT we've put some common questions below. If there's anything else you'd like to know contact one of our Performance Specialists today.
    Is the system valid and reliable?

    Yes. Unlike other IMU based systems, OUTPUT has been developed over 10 years of scientific research using gold-standard biomechanical lab equipment to test and train our algorithms. This means all our modules have strong validity, reliability and accuracy. More details on our research and accuracy can be seen on our validation page.

    Does the device come with a warranty?

    Yes. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault with the sensor, we offer an extended 2-year warranty on all our hardware.

    Is there an athlete app?

    Yes. Both coaches and athletes can download our OUTPUT Capture App. Athletes can record and get instant feedback on exercises, access their own data, any workouts or flows you prescribe to them, and chart their entire history from the app. Athlete level access is available on the Essentials Plan and up.

    I want to measure more than just VBT. Do I need to buy other equipment?

    No. OUTPUT is designed to be the only performance measurement tool you’ll need. We measure a range of over 200 exercises spanning power, jumps, movement and many more. See our product page for details on what we measure.

    What devices can I use OUTPUT with?

    Our OUTPUT Capture Mobile App requires iOS 15 or Android 8.0 and above to run. Before you sign up,there is a simple way to check if your device is compatible. If you can download and install our App from the app store, then the OUTPUT will likely work with your device.

    What devices does your Performance Management Platform (‘The Hub’) run on?

    Our Performance Management Platform is a cloud-based software allowing you to access it on any web browser on a reasonably sized device such as a laptop or desktop.

    Do you with connect with other performance technologies?

    Yes. We currently are integrated with TEambuildR, Movella and Kinduct. We are working on new integrations all the time. If you would like an integration with one of your other performance technologies, please contact them to let them know. We have an open API and can integrate with most modern platforms.

    How long does the battery last?

    Our power pack is designed for the needs of busy coaches. The exact battery life depends on your usage. For typical usage it will last 2-3 days of workouts and gym sessions. You can rapidly recharge to full in under an hour.

    How long does the battery take to charge?

    It’s fast. Our rapid charge functionality means you can charge from zero to full in less than one hour.

    Do I need internet to use the system?

    An internet connection is not necessary to use the Capture app, but it is required in order to log in initially. You can use the OUTPUT Capture app for measurement and real-time feedback once Bluetooth is enabled. This makes it ideal for collecting and recording data no matter your location or environment. When you are connected to the internet, the data automatically syncs with our cloud-based Performance Management System (‘The Hub’) for advanced analysis, charting, reporting and more.

    Can I categorize my athletes and clients into groups?

    Yes, on Standard Plans and above with our online Performance Management System (‘The Hub’), you have the ability to add teams and groups and categorize athletes into them according to whatever makes the most sense for your team or facility. Teams can also be subcategorized into groups, or groups can be standalone within your organization.

    Is it possible to collect data simultaneously from multiple sensors using the same host device?

    No, it is only possible to have one sensor connected to a device at any one time. However, you can quickly and easily switch between athlete profiles on a single device making it extremely efficient to test rapidly. You can also pair to another sensor in seconds. With our Capture App, each athlete can download it onto their own device, record their workouts and the data will automatically be uploaded to your master account for analysis and reporting.

    Can I measure an exercise if it’s not available by default?

    Yes. For sensor-based measurements, there are free modes in every category to record custom exercises. Within workouts, you can create custom exercises to log sets and reps for non-sensor-based measurements.

    When will my product be delivered?

    Your software account gets activated immediately so you can start adding your athletes, groups, workouts and readiness dashboards. Your sensor kits will typically arrive within 10-14 days of completing your order.