Exercise Prescription

Prescribe exercise programs

Patient compliance rates are low with traditional means. Assign rehab programs from our video library or upload custom videos for a more personalized rehab experience.  

Assign preset rehabilitation programs instantly

Assign an exercise or rehabilitation program to your client and it appears in their client app immediately.

With our simple drag-and-drop program builder, develop your own exercise program templates for common conditions, saving you administrative time. Edit templates with custom notes and videos if required.

Create preset evaluations to standardize MSK screening

Standardize screening within your clinic and create custom assessment protocols for a common range of conditions.

Introduce standardized testing and reporting in your multi-practice facility.

All data is automatically logged on a patient level and available for longitudinal progress reporting and charting.

what you can expect from a personalized demo

We work with hundreds of the world's leading practitioners. We can show you the methods they use to optimize return-to-play protocols using our platform.

During a consultation session, one of our performance specialists will work with you to understand the specific needs of your rehab facility or clinic, and demonstrate how Output can help improve your decision making with objective rehab data.