Optimize Performance

Our Tech

We are revolutionizing the way athletic staff optimize sports performance. Using advanced signal processing and machine learning techniques we have developed an end-to-end solution that can test multiple components of athletic performance and track training programmes with a single wearable sensor. For the first time ever, a wearable for exercise analysis will provide strength coaches, rehab professionals and athletes with laboratory standard measurements and analysis in a single, user-centric, fully integrated system.



Our machine-learning algorithms are developed on terabytes of proprietary data collected via 6+ years of University research.  



Our technology is being co-developed with over 40 world-leading sports organisations.



2 PhDs and 25+ peer-reviewed publications. Our Scientific validity is unrivalled by any other wearable competitor.

The Team

Originally all first in class students in our own domains, the Output team merge Sports Science, Engineering and Data Science to create scientifically-valid wearable technologies which will change the way coaches optimise their athletes’ performance.

Your needs, our Science. We’re currently working with over 40 world-leading sports partners to maximise our product’s benefits and usability. If you’re working with elite athletes and want to be one of the first to try our tech, give us a shout!



Output Sports is a system that we, at Bath Rugby, are really big fans and has added a lot of value to our practice. It’s our go to for objective measurement of performance and clinical markers due to its accuracy and reliability, while also being flexible to our wide scope of application for the system.
— Eoin Cremen - Physiotherapist, Bath Rugby

Really easy to use. I love the instant feedback and ability to compare athlete result as a percentage of their all-time best. No wires, lightweight and easily transportable. Very robust! I would imagine every S&C practitioner and physio/rehab coach would want to get their hands on this.
— Sami Dowling - S&C, Apec Performance

In an age where everyone has something to sell you, very few are offering anything new. Output are leading the way in revolutionizing the fitness industry. Their units are set to pack a punch and having tested their first prototype I can’t wait to see what the future holds. No more carrying around boxes of equipment, they have it all in a single compact wearable!
— Cian Gormley - Sports Scientist, Dublin GAA