Technology for health & rehab professionals.

Objective measurement and assessment for rehab & physiotherapy

Output Sports is a single sensor & platform for physical therapists and athletic trainers to objectively perform strength assessments, balance analysis and range of motion testing.

Patient being assessed across balance, mobility, strength and power.

Utilize objective data to make informed rehab decisions. 

Standardize your strength, balance and range of motion assessments and tests using precise metrics available via Output’s versatile connected sensor.

Monitor, analyze, and visualize progress effectively. Compare results to baseline or pre-injury metrics. Take advantage of instant feedback to access progress and adjust rehab programs. Output tracks strength, power, mobility, balance & RSI with a simple portable device. 

Use custom templates to standardize assessment and rehab.

Create custom assessment protocols and select preset evaluations to standardise MSK screening within your clinic.

Assign preset rehabilitation programs for common clinician conditions for patients to follow at home via our client app. Alternatively, assign personalized programs to the client app based on objective data gathered in the clinics.

Rehab template to standardize assessment and rehab
Rehabilitation chart showing progress

Quickly chart and report on rehab progress

Engage your clients by displaying their progress against baseline data. Provide a premium experience and improve adherence by delivering objective progress data via their client app.

Instantly show your clients assessment results, performance improvements and important trends. Generate a preset branded physiotherapy report in seconds and share it with your clients or third parties. 

Accelerate return to play with data-driven decision-making

Utilize Output’s versatility to inform your return-to-play decisions. Access mobility, joint function, strength and speed criteria with technology developed against laboratory gold standards.

Accurately access asymmetry and make objective decisions around such progressions as return to loading, return to running, return to agility and return to play. 

Return to play dashboards showing asymmetry assessment.

No set up required.
Simply switch it on and go.

1.Choose Athlete
2.Select Exercise
3. Analyze
Screen showing how to choose an athlete
Screen showing how to choose an exercise


Learn about Al Murdoch's 'Fast to Fit' ACL rehab framework, and how he uses the Output platform to accelerate the ACL rehab process.

"Output has been an integral part of our decision making when it comes to rehab progressions, readiness to progress and monitoring rehab markers. Its ease of use, versatility and portability is a massive plus, being able to link our athletes and clients into the Hub is a nice feature, which helps to give them a better understanding of the importance of their performance numbers."

Barry McEntee

Physiotherapist, McEntee Physio & Performance Centre

“We're using Output to measure RSI and other tests focused on jump performance as well as for velocity based training. To effortlessly integrate this technology into training is significant for ensuring that we can optimize training for our athletes without compromising valuable time.”

Trey Job

Chief Athletic Performance Officer, Athlete Training + Health

what you can expect from a personalized demo

We work with hundreds of the world's leading practitioners. We can show you the methods they use to optimize return-to-play protocols using our platform.

During a consultation session, one of our performance specialists will work with you to understand the specific needs of your rehab facility or clinic, and demonstrate how Output can help improve your decision making with objective rehab data.


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common questions for health & rehab professionals

If you're trying OUTPUT for the first time don't worry. We've got answers for all your questions. If there's something more you'd like to know, get in touch with one of our Health & Rehab Performance Specialists today.
Is the system valid and reliable?

Yes. Unlike other IMU based systems, OUTPUT has been developed over 10 years of scientific research using gold-standard biomechanical lab equipment to test and train our algorithms. This means all our modules have strong validity, reliability and accuracy. More details on our research and accuracy can be seen on our validation page.

Is there a minimum number of devices I need to buy?

No! You can have as many or as few OUTPUT units as makes sense for your team or facility. For optimum flow and speed, somewhere between 1-5 athletes per sensor achieves great results. You can scale OUTPUT economically to suit your needs. You can always add more sensors to your package as your needs grow.

Does the device come with a warranty?

Yes. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault with the sensor, we offer an extended 2-year warranty on all our hardware.

Do I get technical support?

Yes, we provide excellent support from qualified sports scientists for all our packages. The level of support you get depends on your package. Please see the Get Started page for more details. You can always check out our Knowlege Base to answer any questions you may have.

Can I categorize my athletes and clients into groups?

Yes, on Standard Plans and above with our online Performance Management System (‘The Hub’), you have the ability to add teams and groups and categorize athletes into them according to whatever makes the most sense for your team or facility. Teams can also be subcategorized into groups, or groups can be standalone within your organization.

What happens if I stop working with an athlete?

You can archive an athletes profile to save their data and free up that license to use with another active athlete. You can restore the athlete at any time you work with them again and have access to all their historical data.

Can I measure an exercise if it’s not available by default?

Yes. For sensor-based measurements, there are free modes in every category to record custom exercises. Within workouts, you can create custom exercises to log sets and reps for non-sensor-based measurements.