Return to play

Measure key milestones for return to play

Knowing when to progress an athlete to the next stage of rehab requires a wide range of metrics. Output offers the versatility to get key rehabilitation data at a fraction of the cost of other devices.

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Measure asymmetries in a versatile set of performance markets

Evaluate asymmetry across dynamic movement abilities, explosive strength, power and neuromuscular function. Objectively evaluate clear progression markers in the return to play pathway. Quickly compare results to baseline or pre-injury metrics.

Make better informed clinical decisions with objective baseline rehabilitation markers.


Learn about Al Murdoch's 'Fast to Fit' ACL rehab framework, and how he uses the Output platform to accelerate the ACL rehab process.

what you can expect from a personalized demo

We work with hundreds of the world's leading practitioners. We can show you the methods they use to optimize return-to-play protocols using our platform.

During a consultation session, one of our performance specialists will work with you to understand the specific needs of your rehab facility or clinic, and demonstrate how Output can help improve your decision making with objective rehab data.