Custom Exercises: Elevating Performance Coaching

Explore custom exercises for personalized training and precise performance tracking, enhancing coaching effectiveness.
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One of the newest features added to the Hub is custom exercises. This tool allows you to add personalized exercises to the Output Sports system, enabling you to track your performance data over time just like any standard Output exercise. Here’s how to create and make the most of custom exercises, and why they can enhance your training.

What is a Custom Exercise?

A custom exercise lets you create any exercise you want, allowing you to log and track it similar to any Output exercise. With custom exercises, you can:

  • Add a YouTube Video: Include a video for visual instructions, enhancing clarity and execution for your athletes.

  • Create Coaching Instructions: Add detailed, numbered instructions to ensure consistency and precision.

  • Generate Custom Search Terms: Use specific search terms to quickly locate and reuse your exercises.

  • Choose Tracking Method: Decide whether to use sensor tracking or non-sensor tracking based on your needs.

Sensor Tracking vs. Non-Sensor Tracking

  • Sensor Tracking: Utilize the Output sensor to measure key metrics like velocity, power, and more. Attach the sensor to the bar or your body, depending on the exercise, to get precise and actionable data.

  • Non-Sensor Tracking: Manually log parameters such as reps and weight, offering flexibility for exercises where sensor tracking is not feasible.

Benefits for Coaches and Facility Owners

  1. Enhanced Customization: Coaches can tailor exercises to meet the specific needs of their athletes, providing a more personalized training experience. This level of customization ensures that exercises are aligned with individual goals and capabilities, which can improve performance outcomes.

  2. Efficient Data Tracking: By integrating custom exercises with sensor tracking, coaches can gather precise data on key performance metrics. This data-driven approach allows for more informed decisions regarding training adjustments and progress monitoring.

  3. Streamlined Workflows: Facility owners can standardize training protocols across different teams and athletes by creating a library of custom exercises. This consistency in training methods can lead to better results and more efficient use of training time.

  4. Enhanced Athlete Engagement: Custom exercises with video instructions and detailed coaching cues can help engage athletes more effectively. Athletes can access and review these resources anytime, leading to better adherence to training programs.

  5. Improved Facility Management: Facility owners can track the usage and effectiveness of various exercises, helping them identify which exercises yield the best results. This insight can be used to optimize training programs and allocate resources more effectively.

Using Custom Exercises in Output Sports

Once you log into the Output Hub, you’ll see a new section called the Exercise Library. This houses all of the exercises already in the system plus any custom exercises you add. Creating a custom exercise involves naming it, adding videos, creating instructions, and setting configurations.

For example, you can create a "Hybrid Back Squat" with specific metrics and tracking features. This exercise can be saved in the system and accessed anytime through the search bar. Detailed information such as sensor placement, video instructions, and written steps will be available for each custom exercise, making it easy to use and follow.

Custom exercises will also have their own section in the app, where non-sensor-based exercises can be logged and tracked just as efficiently. For example, you can use a "Hoop and Stick" exercise to track reps and sides without using a sensor.


Custom exercises are a versatile and powerful tool to tailor workouts to specific needs, allowing for comprehensive tracking and analysis. Whether using sensor or non-sensor tracking, you can monitor and optimize your training effectively. Start creating your custom exercises today and see how this feature can enhance your coaching! 

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