2023 Updates: Enhance Your Coaching and Athlete Training Experience

Discover our 2023 updates for better athlete training. Learn about precision monitoring, personalized workouts, and advanced coaching features.
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Throughout the year, we've introduced a series of releases month on month! Check them out below:

January 2023:

Precision in Performance with Velocity Drop-Off

In January, we launched a noteworthy feature known as Velocity Drop-Off. Velocity Drop-Off (or Velocity Loss Threshold) refers to the percentage of decrement in the velocity of each repetition that occurs over the course of a set.

This feature is designed to monitor and manage the decrement in the velocity of each repetition within a set. By setting a specific threshold for velocity loss, coaches can automatically conclude a set when an athlete's velocity falls below the predetermined percentage. This offers valuable insights into fatigue accumulation, competition peaking, hypertrophy signaling, and post-session recovery timelines, providing coaches with a comprehensive tool for optimizing athlete performance.

Check out our quick video walk-through here and more academic resources on Velocity Drop-Off below:

Seamlessness in Training Sessions with Workouts

With Workouts already available on iOS, in June we introduced Workouts for Android, a feature aimed at enhancing the training experience, particularly in group coaching settings. Our Workouts feature allows for a seamless flow through your session, especially if you're coaching a group of athletes. No more jumping in and out of exercises, simply pre-design your workout in the desktop HUB and the athletes can easily work through it in the Capture App. Both coaches and physios can now create testing protocols which will assess an athlete's progress much easier. Here's a walk-though video!

February 2023:

Empowering Coaches with Coaching Permissions

In February, we introduced Coaching Permissions, a feature that allows coaches to take charge of athlete management within their respective domains. By assigning specific permissions, coaches gain the autonomy to oversee their athletes, streamlining the coaching process and ensuring a more personalized approach. This feature enhances communication and accountability between coaches and athletes, promoting a more tailored training experience that caters to individual needs and goals. See in it in action here.

March 2023:

Personalized Strength Training with One Rep Max (1RM)

March brought a fantastic feature known as One Rep Max (1RM). With this feature, coaches can streamline the coaching process and further individualize training for athletes. Coaches can now craft workouts based on an athlete's specific strength levels, prescribing weights that are in line with their capabilities. This personalized approach fosters optimal progress and minimizes the risk of overexertion. The integration of the Mayhew et al. formula further enhances accuracy, enabling athletes to track their progress more effectively and celebrate their achievements. Check it out here.

April 2023:

Enhanced Group Workouts with Workouts Group Assignment

April's highlight was the unveiling of the Workouts Group Assignment feature, catering to group coaching. This feature enables coaches to assign workouts to specific groups of athletes, ensuring a more targeted and organized approach to training. By tailoring workouts to the unique needs of each group, coaches can optimize training efficiency and better manage athlete development. The feature maintains individual privacy and security while allowing coaches to monitor progress on a group basis.

API integration with TeamBuildr

We were delighted to announce our API integration with TeamBuildr! Now, your Output Sports data can be accessed and utilized on the TeamBuildr platform making your data management process more efficient! All users who have an Open API enabled subscription can access this integration. Check out this Output VBT Integration Guide video from TeamBuildr!

TeamBuildr Integration

May 2023:

Enriched Exercise Experience

The month of May saw multiple updates to the exercise experience. Exercise names were simplified for better clarity, and a range of new exercises was introduced to diversify workout routines. The revamped Exercise Review Screen provides a comprehensive view of the metrics that matter most, enabling athletes and coaches to assess progress more intuitively:

  • Easily review your target for the set and identify whether you've hit or missed your target.
  • Conveniently accessible floating buttons, 'Retest,' 'Swap Athlete,' and 'Swap Exercise,' will remain visible on the screen to streamline the process, eliminating the need to scroll to the bottom for modifications.
Athlete App - Exercise Review Screen

We also expanded our library of exercise videos which offers step-by-step instructions, aiding proper technique and execution.

API integration with Movella

Output users can now access and analyze biomechanical data within Movella's Athlete Performance Management Platform. This facilitates a combination of Output's expertise and metrics with Movella's advanced digital ecosystem to offer a holistic approach to athlete and performance data management. Check out our update with our user feedback here.

Movella Integration

June 2023:

Strengthening Security with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

In June, we launched 2FA. This feature enhances account security by adding an extra layer of verification through SMS codes. This safeguard prevents unauthorized access, providing coaches and athletes with peace of mind knowing their data is well protected.

Enhanced Workouts and Additional Features

June also saw a range of updates designed to enhance the Workouts experience.

  • Workout Builder Video Step allows coaches to integrate YouTube videos into workouts, enhancing visual guidance.
  • Updates to the All Workouts Table bring added functionalities such as filtering by group and bulk deletion, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Workout VBT Configuration allows you to define velocity targets on your workout

The additional Capture App and Hub updates introduced:

  • New Exercise - Loaded Jumps: divided into Barbell, DB, and Trap Bar variations for easier analysis.
  • Bulk athlete management features
  • Individual leaderboards for coaches
  • 2 New Input Exercises: 40m Sprint Time and 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test

July 2023:

Advancing Performance with Workouts - Athlete Assignment

July brought further advancements, with the most significant release to date, Workouts - Athlete Assignment. Now, coaches can effortlessly assign workouts to athletes, allowing for personalized programming. This new feature streamlines workout assignments, enhances coaching strategies, and fosters athlete development. Save time and improve communication by easily coordinating with athletes. Watch our quick video walkthrough below to see it in action:

VBT and RSI Updates

Updates to the VBT & RSI Modules further enhance metric accuracy and rep detection. If you want to learn more, read our RSI Validation White Paper here.

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