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Discover your percentile in Countermovement Jump Testing. Compare your scores to normative data from thousands of athletes' best performances.
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Power Testing

Power testing plays a vital role in assessing an athlete's explosive performance capabilities. While power is often linked to dynamic movements and force development rates, jump performance remains a reliable indicator of lower body strength. Countermovement Jumps (CMJ) have emerged as a widely recognized and standardized method, providing invaluable insights into an athlete's power output. In fact, CMJ ranks as the most extensively used test in sports literature, offering accurate predictions of power across various studies (given precise jump height measurements). With its proven effectiveness, CMJ stands as a key tool in gauging an athlete's explosive potential.

Countermovement Jumps (CMJ)

Completing a CMJ is relatively straightforward. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart on a flat surface. Then, initiate the jump with a quick downward motion, flexing your knees and hips to lower your body. The countermovement creates a "spring-like" effect, storing energy in your muscles. Finally, explode upward by rapidly extending your knees and hips, pushing off the ground with maximum force. The difference between the depth of your countermovement and the height you reach in the jump phase determines your explosive power.

Incorporating CMJ into your training routine can be a very beneficial. Not only does it help athletes gauge their current power output, but it also allows them to track their progress over time. Furthermore, mastering CMJ can enhance an athlete's overall athletic performance, as it directly translates to explosive movements often required in various sports.

CMJ in action. Image: @nveliteperformance

Output Sports Users: Normative Data

By gathering normatives from thousands of Output users / athletes' personal bests, Output Sports provides comprehensive and informative tables for various power metrics, including CMJ, Arms Free CMJ, Unilateral CMJ, and Squat Jump Heights.

Through the use of standardized protocols, Output Sports ensures that the normative data it provides is reliable and relevant to the specific needs of athletes and coaches. This wealth of information assists in setting appropriate training targets, identifying areas for improvement, and ultimately optimizing athletic performance.

Compare Your Scores

CMJ - Jump Height Norms:

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Countermovement Jump - Jump Height Norms (Metric)

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Countermovement Jump - Jump Height Norms (Imperial)

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