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How A High School S&C Coach Uses Output

Enhance athletic performance at Cienega High School with insights from Head S&C Coach Steve Schween on using Output Sports.
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A Guide by Steve Schween, Head S&C Coach at Cienega High School


Cienega High School, based in Arizona, United States, have been utilising Output Sports technology within their athletes strength and conditioning programs since late last year. Output has been applied across a variety of sports at Cienega, but particularly with our Track and Field Throwers. Below, I have highlighted just a couple of ways in which we have been using Output.

RSI And Mobility

Two of the main focuses that have been great for us is both RSI and Mobility features.

Prior to each session our athletes will perform a RSI test. This allows us to test their readiness to train, as based on their RSI score we can then adjust the sessions work load. With Output, because it is quick and easy to assess, it doesn’t take away from the time I have with the athletes and really adds value as I know how the athlete is performing on that particular day.

The mobility tests have been extremely useful and easy to track with the athletes. We assess their range of motion across a couple of exercises, but with a particular focus on knee to wall, and shoulder internal and external rotation. As throwers, these are some of the focus points for the event, so being able to keep track of them in a simple and efficient manner has been extremely beneficial. We test their mobility at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week, particularly going into invitationals. This allows us to adjust programming and their mobility movements based on the results.

Output sensor connected to foot testing CMJ

Output sensor connected to foot testing CMJ

Instant live feedback of CMJ score

Instant live feedback of CMJ score

Velocity-Based Training (VBT)

In addition to using Output with our Track and Field Throwers, I also find using the VBT capabilities very useful. Particularly when working with younger athletes, as they begin to learn about load and how to adjust properly.

Output sensor strapped to the barbell

Output sensor strapped to the barbell

During a training session we will give the athlete a particular velocity range that we are looking for them to work within. This allows us to ensure that they are working in a specific targeted zone (speed, power, strength, etc). If they are above that range, the athlete then knows that they need to add additional weight. If they are not reaching the velocities, then they know to take weight off. This is huge for adjustment and specificity within a session, and also allows for ample learning opportunities for the younger athletes.

There are also times when an athlete may think they are working within the correct range, and the instant auditory and visual rep on rep feedback that Capture provides will show otherwise. Allowing them to make adjustments and motivate them accordingly.

I can also choose whether to provide the athlete with mean or peak velocity feedback, which is particularly useful depending on what exercises we are performing on the day.

Data Amalgamation And Ease Of Use

The Output system is essentially like a sports science lab in one device.

The vast amount of objective data that I now have access to, allows me as a high school coach, to perform assessments that I normally would not be able to.

We are now able to make more adjustments for the athlete’s needs, all based on reliable and valid data. In addition, Output has increased our athletes’ awareness and understanding of our overall program. With the instant feedback via Capture, and the data tracking and report generation via Hub, really makes demonstrating and explaining to our athletes a whole lot easier. All my data is also now in one place, which in turn helps with our long term tracking.

ABOUT Steve Schween


Steve Schween has worked at Cienega High School since 2016 and is currently the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. Steve currently works with all of the student athletes at Cienega across a range of different sports.

Twitter: @steveschween

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