Enhance Coaching and Physiotherapy Practice with In-App Video Recording

Discover the benefits of our new In-App Video Recording feature for coaches and physiotherapists.
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In-App Video Recording allows you to record a video of your set on the same device that's tracking your metrics using our sensor. By combining video data with objective numbers, this feature enhances how you train and monitor your athletes and patients, whether you're working in person or remotely.

Why In-App Video Recording is Essential for S&C Coaches:

1. Effective Remote Coaching:

For trainers who coach athletes remotely, video data is invaluable. It enables you to monitor exercise technique closely, ensuring that athletes perform movements safely and with maximal intent. With In-App Video Recording, you can see exactly how your athletes are moving and provide real-time feedback, no matter where they are. This ensures consistent, high-quality training and reduces the risk of injury.

2. Combining Data for Deeper Insights:

Simultaneously tracking video and performance data allows you to observe how technique adjustments impact objective metrics. For example, if an athlete switches to a narrower stance on back squats, you can see how this change affects their power from the bottom position. This dual data approach offers a comprehensive view of performance, enabling more informed coaching decisions. Understanding the relationship between technique and performance metrics helps refine training strategies and improve outcomes.

3. Seamless Integration for Holistic Coaching:

With the ability to record video and track metrics on the same device, you can combine the objectivity of sensor measurements with the subjective observations from video. This integration enhances your ability to analyze and adjust training programs effectively. Whether it's correcting form, adjusting intensity, or refining technique, having both sets of data at your fingertips allows for a more holistic approach to coaching.

Benefits for Health & Rehab Practitioners:

1. Enhanced Patient Monitoring:

For physiotherapists, being able to record and review video of patients performing exercises is crucial. It allows for detailed analysis of movement patterns and identification of any compensatory behaviors that might not be apparent in real-time. This helps in developing more effective rehabilitation plans tailored to each patient's needs.

2. Objective Measurement of Progress:

Combining video recordings with sensor data provides a clear, objective measurement of a patient's progress over time. Physiotherapists can track improvements in range of motion, strength, and technique, and make data-driven decisions to adjust treatment plans. This dual approach ensures that progress is not only felt by the patient but also visible and measurable.

3. Improved Communication and Education:

Video recordings can be shared with patients to help them understand their movements better. This visual feedback is a powerful tool for education, allowing patients to see exactly what needs to be corrected. It also facilitates better communication between the physiotherapist and patient, ensuring that both are aligned on the goals and progress of the treatment.

4. Remote Rehabilitation Support:

For patients undergoing remote rehabilitation, video recordings combined with sensor data allow physiotherapists to monitor exercise performance accurately. This ensures that patients are performing their prescribed exercises correctly, reducing the risk of re-injury and promoting more effective recovery.

5. Documentation and Reporting:

Having video evidence of a patient's condition and progress can be invaluable for documentation and reporting. It provides a clear record that can be used for insurance purposes, consultations with other healthcare providers, and ongoing patient care.

See It in Action

To fully appreciate the power of this new feature, check out our walkthrough video below. See how In-App Video Recording can enhance your coaching and physiotherapy practices, providing you with the tools to ensure your athletes and patients are performing at their best.

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