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Normatives in RSI: How do your scores compare?

Compare your Reactive Strength Index (RSI) scores to thousands of athletes. Gain insights into your explosive power and improve your training.
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Reactive Strength Index (RSI)

RSI, or Reactive Strength Index, is a valuable tool in quantifying an athlete's fast stretch-shortening cycle, which is critical for explosive movements such as jumping and sprinting.

By measuring an athlete's RSI, coaches and trainers can identify if the athlete has enough general fitness to perform specific fitness activities, such as high intensity plyometric training.Additionally, RSI can be used to rank athletes in a particular sport by traits that may determine sporting success, such as the ability to generate maximal force and power.

Repeated jump variations, such as the 10-5 Test, can also be used to measure the determinants of performance and target specific areas for improvement, while drop jump variations can be used to monitor an athlete's progress overtime as a response to interventions aimed at improving their reactive strength. Overall, the use of normative data in conjunction with these tests can provide valuable insights into the make-up of elite athletes and the determinants of their success.

RSI: 10-5 Test

Output Sports Users: Normative Data

We've gathered normatives from thousands of Output users / athletes' personal bests on 10-5 test. Through the use of standardized protocols, Output Sports ensures that the normative data it provides is reliable and relevant to the specific needs of athletes and coaches. This wealth of information assists in setting appropriate training targets, identifying areas for improvement, and ultimately optimizing athletic performance.

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RSI: 10-5 Test Norms

10-5 Test: Average RSI Scores

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