Unlocking Athletic Potential: Exploring Output Sports' 12 Measurement Modules

Discover Output Sports' 12 measurement modules. Enhance athlete assessment and optimize performance with VBT, Mobility, Jumps, RSI, and more.
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Output Sports is at the forefront of providing solutions that simplify and enhance sports science. With our innovative IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and a versatile system, we offer 200 measurements across 12 modules that empower coaches, athletes, and performance specialists to optimize training, track progress, and achieve results. In this blog, we will delve into the 12 measurement modules and their profound impact on athletic development.

1. Velocity-Based training (VBT) - Quantified Weight-Training:

Our system measures velocity, force, power, work, and more, offering comprehensive insights into barbell exercises (compound, jumps, and Olympic lifts), trap-bar exercises (compound and jumps), and dumbbell movements. This module provides athletes with invaluable data to enhance their strength and power training.

2. Power - Jumps:

Jumping ability is a fundamental component of many sports. Our jumps module quantifies an athlete's slow-stretch shortening cycle and double and single-leg jumping performance through countermovement jumps (CMJ), repeated CMJs, and squat jumps. This information is essential for optimizing power training and assessing explosive capabilities.

3. Reactive-Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI module quantifies an athlete's fast stretch-shortening cycle through double and single-leg drop-jump and repeated jump variations. By analyzing reactive-strength index, coaches gain valuable insights into an athlete's explosive power and neuromuscular capabilities.

‍**4. Mobility:**

Efficient movement patterns and optimal range of motion are vital for athletic success. Our mobility module assesses range of motion in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes across key joints, including the ankle, knee, hip, torso, shoulder, and neck. This data enables coaches to identify areas for improvement and design targeted mobility routines.

5. Slams, Swings, & Throws (SST) - Quantifying Velocity, Power, and Acceleration:

Slams, swings, and throwing movements are integral to various sports. Our SST module quantifies velocity, power, and acceleration in exercises involving medicine balls, kettlebells, landmine throws, and slosh bags. This data aids in enhancing sports-specific power and rotational force development.

6. Strength Pathway:

Our strength module enables coaches to quantify reps as passed or failed in rep-max strength testing based on the target range of motion. This module covers upper limb compound lifts, lower limb compound lifts, unilateral exercises (such as single-leg squats and split squats), and machine-based exercises (like leg press and hamstring curls). Accurate strength assessment facilitates targeted strength training and progress tracking.

7. Strength Endurance:

Muscular endurance is critical for prolonged performance in many sports. Our muscular endurance module quantifies reps as passed or failed based on the target range of motion in max-rep bodyweight exercises, including calf-pump variations, bodyweight squats, row, pull-up, and push-up variations. This data aids in optimizing endurance training and monitoring progress.

8. Stability:

Maintaining center of mass stability is vital for optimal movement execution. Our stability module quantifies center of mass stability in static exercises such as plank variations, bridge variations, handstands, climbing, and free mode. Coaches can utilize this data to design stability training programs and improve overall movement control.

9. Nordics:

Nordic hamstring curls are a popular exercise for hamstring strength and injury prevention. Our nordics module provides kinematic data, including the angle of failure and repetition duration, during nordic hamstring curls. Coaches can utilize this information to tailor training programs and mitigate the risk of hamstring injuries.

10. Balance:

Postural control and balance play a crucial role in athletic performance. Our balance module quantifies eyes-open and eyes-closed postural control in static balance tasks, including dual stance, single leg stance, and tandem stance. This data aids in improving stability, proprioception, and injury prevention.

11. Contacts:

Traveling jumps and sprinting require efficient and powerful movements. Our contacts module quantifies key kinematic measures in hopping variations, bounding variations, pogo variations, sprinting, and sprint drills. Coaches can analyze this data to fine-tune training programs, enhance agility, and optimize performance.

12. Wellness:

Understanding an athlete's overall well-being is crucial for performance optimization. Our wellness module captures day-to-day self-reported information on physical and psychological well-being, as well as perceived readiness to train and sleep quality. Coaches can track athletes' wellness trends and adjust training programs accordingly, promoting optimal recovery and performance.

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