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Seamlessly Integrating Sports Science into your Athletes Training

Enhance training sessions with our Athlete App features. Collect valid, reliable data seamlessly for improved athlete performance.
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Data-driven training and performance analysis have become indispensable for athletes and coaches. Traditional methods of data collection often disrupt the flow of workouts, leading to time wastage and distractions. At Output, our technology enhances the weight room flow rather than hinders it. One of the keys to this is a user-friendly and efficient system that athletes can operate themselves. Athletes can perform at their best without unnecessary pauses, leading to improved productivity and better results.

Simplifying Sports Science with Output Sports

Output Sports' mission is to make elite-level sports science simple and scalable. Our IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), a small and portable sensor that, when combined with our advanced software platform, offers a comprehensive solution for analyzing, reporting, and programming athletic performance, all within a single platform. Here are some features that enhance your training sessions:

1. Streamlined Athlete Quick-Swap

One of the primary features that sets Output Sports' technology apart is the seamless Athlete Quick-Swap functionality in the Athlete App. Imagine a scenario where multiple athletes are sharing the same rack or equipment. In traditional systems, the transition between athltes can be time-consuming, with coaches manually adjusting settings and recording data. Output's Athlete Quick-Swap eliminates these interruptions. After an athlete completes their set, a quick swap athlete button is readily available on the screen. By clicking this button, the system immediately searches for the next athlete scheduled to use the equipment. This process is smooth and swift, allowing athletes to focus solely on their training without waiting for adjustments or data recording.

The athlete can simply tap 'Swap Athlete', select their name, adapt any weight that they're lifting and off they go.

2. The Custom Racks Feature

Output Sports takes personalization to the next level with our Custom Racks feature. The Hub software allows coaches to pre-allocate specific racks or equipment to individual athletes before the training session begins. When the quick swap athlete button is activated, only the athletes assigned to that particular rack will be displayed, streamlining navigation further. With this level of organization, athletes can seamlessly transition from one exercise to the next. No more time wasted searching for the right equipment or waiting for adjustments – everything is optimized to keep the flow going.

Faster navigation and sharing of equipment between athletes

4. Features That Empower Coaches and Athletes

Output Sports' system empowers coaches to optimize their weight room flow, allowing them to test athletes up to 30 times faster than traditional methods. By streamlining velocity-based training through automatic load-velocity profile generation, coaches can make informed decisions quickly and accurately. The system also facilitates daily readiness testing for entire squads in minutes, avoiding overtraining and fatigue. With features like live mode and full-screen leaderboards, coaches can motivate athletes and create healthy competition in the weight room, driving intent in every training session.

Save time with our automatic load-velocity profile generation

5. Personalized Workouts and Injury Rehabilitation

With Output Sports, coaches can provide athletes with individualized workouts, readiness assessments, and testing flows, accessible through their personal app. Athletes receive instant feedback, enabling them to track progress and push themselves to new heights. Our advanced analytics and automated performance reports facilitate informed decision-making and interventions to support athletes throughout their journey. For injury rehabilitation, the system offers objective benchmarking against baseline markers, helping athletes return to peak performance confidently.

Team workout programmed by the coach ahead of the session

Output Sports: Technology in Action

Still unsure about how Output Sports can transform your coaching and training sessions? Watch our video walkthroughs of our features mentioned above in action! These videos showcase how the technology works from a coach and athlete perspective, giving you a clear understanding of the benefits.

Embrace the Future of Training

Output Sports has redefined the way sports science integrates into training sessions. With our seamless Athlete Quick-Swap and Custom Racks features, Output ensures that data collection and equipment sharing are effortless and uninterrupted. Our technology's focus on enhancing weight room flow aligns perfectly with athletes' and coaches' needs for streamlined, efficient training sessions. By incorporating Output Sports into your training routine, you can take your athlete's performance to new heights. Say goodbye to disruptions and wasted time, and welcome a new era of seamless sports science integration in your coaching. Schedule a free consultation with a Performance Specialist in your area today!

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