VBT Workshop with Chris Tombs

This workshop provides in depth learnings from Chris Tombs, a Velocity-Based Training expert. It covers Fluidity of 1RM, identifying acute fatigue levels & actions, seamless integration of VBT into daily training and using VBT to engage athletes & create buy-in.
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How does the variability of 1RM values affect the reliability of percentage-based programming in strength and conditioning?

How can coaches address the challenge of fluctuating 1RM values when prescribing training loads based on percentages?

What alternative approaches can be used to account for the fluidity of 1RM and ensure effective programming?

What are practical methods for accurately assessing and managing acute fatigue levels during training sessions?

How can coaches adjust training parameters or modify the session to appropriately address the observed fatigue levels?

What are effective strategies for seamlessly integrating VBT into daily training routines?

Normative Data: Alignment of 1RM & Barbell Velocity and Prescription of Loads

What is the applicability of Velocity-Based Training in Olympic Lifts?

How to use VBT to unlock the natural competitive spirit of athletes?

How can coaches effectively communicate the competitive benefits of VBT to athletes and encourage their active participation?

How can coaches use VBT as a powerful tool to engage athletes and generate buy-in for training programs?

What to do when the VBT data and subjective wellness data doesn't align?

Can VBT be used as an objective measure to progress to the next stage of rehab?

How to identify 1RM and compare velocity to 1RM?

How useful is VBT on single joint movement exercises?

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