Normative Data

Normative Data in Nordics - what percentile are you in?

Enhance performance and assess hamstring strength with Nordic hamstring curls. Compare your nordic numbers to normative values from thousands of athletes' personal bests.
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Nordics Testing

Nordic hamstring curls are a popular exercise used to strengthen the hamstring muscles, which are important for sprinting and jumping activities. In addition to their effectiveness in improving performance, nordic hamstring curls are also valuable for assessing an athlete's hamstring strength and endurance.

By measuring the kinematics of the exercise, including the angle of failure and rep duration, coaches and trainers can identify areas of weakness and develop targeted interventions to improve performance. For example, an athlete who experiences early fatigue or fails to maintain proper form during the exercise may benefit from additional strength training exercises or modifications to their training program.

Additionally, tracking the angle of failure and rep duration over time can provide valuable information on an athlete's progress and help to identify when modifications to their training program may be necessary.

Nordic Curl

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Compare Your Scores

Here are the normative values that we've gathered from thousands of athletes' personal bests across Nordic Curls:

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