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Introducing Kyle Jacksic: Output’s New High School Contributor

Explore the collaboration between Output Sports and Kyle Jacksic. Gain tools for growth in high school coaching.
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We At Output Sports, we strive for a future where elite-level sports science is accessible to the masses. After almost a year of working on various projects together, Coach Kyle Jacksic has played a huge role in nailing down an answer to the question “What sets Output apart for coaches at the high school level?”. In essence, Output gives coaches the tools to help them grow personally and professionally while improving weight room session flow and saving precious time.

This collaboration revolves around diving deeper into optimizing training, testing and tracking efficiency through performance technology and breaking this process down into practical, applicable steps that can be implemented in any weight room. 

My name is Kyle Jacksic and I am extremely excited for the coming years at Output Sports as the High School Contributor. 

I am currently the Director of Athletic Performance at Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am the owner of JAX Athletic Performance LLC, where we train a wide variety of athletes in person and remotely, oversee performance coaching for Ultimate Lacrosse CLT, and serve as the State Director for the NHSSCA. 

My coaching stops include Ardrey Kell High School, Cannon School, Davidson College, Clemson University, University at Buffalo and University of Lynchburg. I coached in the private sector, worked in a cardiology office within a hospital system, and spent time working with an orthopedic surgeon. 

All of these stops define me as a coach, and I am a byproduct of all of them. I am not one that has discovered or designed the new best thing in performance. 

I never once saw myself as a high school strength and conditioning coach, and the journey in becoming one, like really any coaching journey, was very unique. 

COVID struck and I, like many of us, started to apply for every job in the country. I was wrapping up graduate school and just looking for a place that would give me the opportunity to coach. I had worked in the collegiate field and in the private sector, and I never really knew high school strength and conditioning was even an option (my high school did not have one) until I stumbled upon an opening at Cannon School in North Carolina. 

It feels like in a blink of an eye, the root system beneath me grew wider and deeper and now I have a tough time ever seeing myself doing anything different for work. I think being a high school coach is one of the most rewarding and unique experiences a person could have. But that’s the point to all of this: it is unique. 

The future of this journey is endless. We will be taking you inside the rooms of high schools across the country, inside the minds of their coaches, giving you the tools you need to increase program efficiency and efficacy, and touching on topics that will broaden the horizon for the high school coach. 

You can view the latest webinar titled ‘Optimizing High School Weight Room Flow’ here

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